An interactive Java applet to create, play and solve Su Doku puzzles

Currently under development - expect changes.

SET @speed = 'slow'

Starting as of 26 September, I will not be able to sink as much time into this project and hence software features that are not currently implemented will continue to not exist indefinitely.

Still to come:
  • User guide
  • Features guide
  • Faster/better solver
Polishing required:
  • Screenshots
  • Board creation (remove completely?)
  • Notes

Aside from the board creation, release 15 will not be available for download until those tasks are complete, which may take up to the end of October. I will continue to tinker with the code and website, though the majority will stay on the CVS without a friendly way of accessing it.
If anybody is out there that wants to join the project team to do any kind of work on it, please let me know.

Java 1.5.05

Java was updated. While none of the changes seem to directly affect this applet, having the latest version is a good idea. Download the JRE or JDK and read the release notes.


The Java browser plug-in caches the applet even after an update has been available on the server for some time. From revision 12 an extra build step has been introduced to prevent this - so if the applet is taking longer to load then usual, expect changes to have occured.


If you have been keeping up with the latest revisions, you may have noticed the addition of the hints menu item. While this needs a lot of polishing in the interface and understanding department, the core functionality of getting the applet to provide assistance if you are stuck works.
Hopefully with some more effort it will keep this applet one cut above the other free (and commercial) software I see about.

Saving and Loading

While a lot of changes are going on, the save and load features will be broken. While the code itself is sound, the changing of the underlying data structures are forcing the Java serialization library to mess things up (I would write a custom one but currently a little short of time - any volunteers?).
Try your luck at text importing/export until things settle down, alternatively download (or compile) the applet jar and run an aging copy from your computer.